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5 Reasons You Need Squalane in Your Body Care Ritual

5 Reasons You Need Squalane in Your Body Care Ritual

At this point, we all know moisture is the key to smooth, beautiful skin. But sometimes, using your products consistently just isn't good enough. Having powerful ingredients inside your products is really what your skin needs when you've been layering on all the products, yet your skin is still dry when you want it to feel supple and soft.

Even though we spend our whole lives trying to find the best way to create a body care ritual, the skin itself has many parts that most of us don't know about.

One powerhouse ingredient that we can't get enough of these days is Squalane. It comes from an oil that your skin naturally produces called Squalene. You may be unfamiliar with the term Squalane, but you've likely have seen it in some of your favorite products (like our body whips and body serums).

If you're curious about why we have such a soft spot for this all-natural skincare component, note that the oil has several positive effects on the skin.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about Squalane, or as we like to call it, your new favorite skincare ingredient.

So, what is Squalane? Where's It From?

Squalane is a changed form of squalene, which is a natural substance made by the sebaceous glands and makes up 10–12% of the oil on your skin. It is a natural antioxidant that keeps your skin soft, hydrated and looking youthful.

When you buy Squalane, what you're really getting is squalene that has been hydrogenated. This stabilizes it so that it can stay on shelves and ready for you to buy and use in your body care ritual!

Until recently, almost all Squalane came from the livers of sharks. Now, most of it comes from olive oil, rice bran, and sugarcane.

Squalene vs. Squalane

Before we talk about how this rich emollient can help your skin, let's talk about how the vowels a and e affect their chemical structure. The oil on your skin is called squalene with an "e." When it is processed or hydrogenated, it changes into Squalane with an "a." Squalane is the more shelf-stable, skin-friendly, and long-lasting type found in products and retailers.

5 Benefits Of Squalane For Skin

1. It Helps Keep Skin Hydrated

Since squalene is a component of the skin's natural moisture barrier, it plays an important role in ensuring the barrier continues to be adequately hydrated and performs its job. But research shows that our bodies make less squalene as we get older, which makes our skin look drier and less healthy. Using Squalane as part of your skincare routine can help stop this natural loss of moisture and keep your skin moist.

For daily hydration, reach for one of our top sellers, the Oasis Body Whip. This dreamy, moisture-rich whip is made with Squalane, Vegan Collagen, Vitamin E Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Kukui Nut Oil to keep skin moisturized and balanced for 24 hours. It's suitable for all skin types, helps fight winter dryness, and can be used both in the morning and at night to make skin feel soft and supple, and look healthier.

2. It's a powerful Emollient.

There are three different kinds of moisturizers: humectants (like hyaluronic acid), occlusives (like petroleum), and emollients (like olive oil). Squalane is in the latter group. An emollient's primary function is to soothe and smooth the skin by locking in moisture and repairing the damage.

3. It Has Antioxidant Properties.

Stabilized Squalane helps fight harmful free radicals when it is added to skin care products. This keeps the skin strong and healthy-looking. This is especially good for the skin to help it deal with cold weather/winter.

Squalane is a popular ingredient in serums that help slow down signs of aging and oils, like our best-selling Body Serum. This powerful antioxidant serum contains 7 powerhouse oils including Squalane Oil, Rosehip Oil, and Baobab Oil.

The non-comedogenic, lightweight formula is suitable for all skin types, even skin that tends to get pimples and experience eczema.

4. It helps slow signs of aging.

Using antioxidant-rich skin care products can help neutralize the effects of free radicals and reduce the stress they have on the skin. In the end, this can help your skin look younger for longer and make fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable.

5. Helps prevent water loss.

Because Squalane is an oil, when it penetrates your skin, it sits on top of the water your skin has. Since oil and water don't mix, Squalane helps protect the water your skin has and prevents it from losing water. This ends up protecting your skins barrier which prevents flaky skin, redness, and sensitivity. 

Squalane for Your Body Care Ritual in a Nutshell

In conclusion, Squalane is an excellent option for all skin types because it acts similarly to the skin's natural oils and helps to create youthful, supple, beautiful skin.

Basically, it's a natural wonder and helps you make one less decision about your body care because Squalane tackles a lot of what your skin needs. We highly recommend incorporating Squalane into your body care ritual!

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Wow this was super informative. I’ve heard of squalane before but I didn’t know how powerful it was. Thank you for this education and I can’t wait to try your products!


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