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Turning Your Routines Into Rituals

Turning Your Routines Into Rituals

Being more mindful and intentional about the decisions and actions you take in your everyday life can feel daunting. The mere thought can send you into "yet another thing I have to do 🙄 ". That's enough to make any woman continue doing things the way she's been doing them....even if they aren't working.

But what if I told you that Address Oasis is all about making one less decision? What if I told you that those daily things you're doing, washing your face, taking a shower, having your morning tea, walking your dog, all of those daily routines (habits) can be shifted into rituals?

What if I told you that being more mindful about the way you complete those routines is all it takes to create your own personal rituals....your own oasis? Would that make it feel like less of a burden? Yes? Perfect! Let's talk about how we can shift those routines into rituals and why you should value being able to do that.

First Things First

Let's toss this idea that Rituals are just about meditating for 20 minutes, sitting in silence, reading, doing yoga etc. Because let's be honest, that way of creating a ritual isn't for everyone. At Address Oasis, we're all about you feeling seen and for us that means meeting you where you are.

We understand that Rituals can look different for everyone. Our core desire is simply that you start. How do you start turning your routines into rituals? A simple shift in mindset. Let's get into the actual differences between routines and rituals.

Routines vs Rituals

I was at a conference a few weeks back as a Vendor for Women's History Month. A woman spoke up during the panel (she was a nail technician) and she mentioned how getting your nails done, hair done, etc aren't rituals, they're routines for most people. It's something most of us do out of habit every 2 weeks because that's how we've always done it.

As soon as we're done with our service, we routinely book our next appointment.

The dictionary definition of routine is: a sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program.

Most of us are following a fixed program. It isn't mindful, it isn't isn't a ritual.

For example, taking a shower is more about getting clean for the day and checking it off your list. It's more about this idea of you being "put together" than the actual process of showering.

Rarely are we actually thinking about the purpose or activity, just the outcome.

Rituals are the exact opposite. The dictionary describes rituals as more ceremonial. If we think back to the shower example, this could easily turn into a ritual if we were mindful about paying attention to the experience of showering.

This could be being mindful about the products we use and the ingredients in them, thinking about the effect the products will have on our skin, are we using our body scrub or skipping it, are we using really hot water or shifting to lukewarm to protect our skins barrier, and even the process of getting into the shower. What music or podcast are you listening to, are we rushing to get in and get out, what candles do we light, etc.

Rituals are more about the purpose of our actions. Taking the routine but being mindful of the purpose and process will turn that routine into a ritual. Slowing down and being intentional about the journey will turn that routine into a ritual.

Why Does Turning Our Routines Into Rituals Matter?

When we think of the word ceremony, we think of a celebration. Rituals are celebrating getting to do life. Shifting our mindset in this way can positively affect our day-to-day life by forcing us to slow down, stay present, reduce anxiety, and romanticize all the things we take for granted.

Routines and rituals are often used interchangeably, but this should now highlight the key differences between the two and why you should value creating ceremonies or rituals around these daily tasks.

It isn't about adding more to your plate, it's about creating mindfulness and intention with the time you have.

How To Switch Your Routines To Rituals

Since we're all about body care here, I recommend you start there for shifting the routine of your shower time into a ritual. Let's focus on your body whip for example. We recommend using our triple butter body whips, our bestselling whip is Calm, if you don't love the moisturizers you're currently using.

The next time you shower, follow this ritual:

  • Leave your skin slightly damp instead of completely drying off. The purpose here is to be mindful of how long the whip and scent will last vs applying it to completely dry skin.

  • Take a scoop of the whip into the palm of your hands and slowly rub it into your hands to warm the product to make it easier to spread and to focus on the texture of the whip.

  • Put your palms up to your nose and deeply inhale the scent. Think about how the scents make you feel. Do they remind you of anything, a specific time, or feeling?

  • Slowly smooth the whip onto your arms, dĂ©colletage, stomach, hips, thighs, legs, buttocks, ankles, heels, toes, and cuticles. Watch your skin transform.

  • Head to your full-length mirror and admire how healthy, glowing, radiant, and nourished your skin appears.

  • Smell your skin and embrace the chemistry between the scents and your natural skin smell.

Isn't that much better than the usual way you "lotion yourself"? Does that feel like more tasks or does it feel like you're loving on yourself and creating a ritual?

Ready To Create Rituals With Your Body Care?

If this is all new to you and you'd like something to make it a little easier, you're at the right place as Address Oasis is all about ease and creating one less decision with mindful rituals.

Start here with our 4-part body care ritual. Not sure which scent to choose, you can take our quick and easy scent quiz.

Want to know how to stay consistent with your rituals? Check out our blog about creating consistent rituals.

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